O Adonai

"Lord" is the name by which we know God – a name revealed to Moses in the desert and to God’s people on Sinai. "I am compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity," so God introduced himself to Moses and Israel (Exod 34:8), and to people of every age. And so God was toward his people throughout human history as the Scriptures reveal, and so God is in the life of each person.

God’s name was made flesh in the person of Jesus, the embodiment of God’s compassion and graciousness, God’s kindness and fidelity. "Today is born our Savior, Christ the Lord," the angels proclaimed at his birth (Luke 2:11). In this Advent season, let us pray that we might receive as our Lord and Savior, allowing him to be so for us in our lives and in our world.


O Lord and God, Whose being is mystery, Whose power and might is at work in our world, Come, Lord, come and save us. . . .

You spoke your name to Moses in the flame of a bush burning, yet unconsumed, A name – far more than we can ever know or understand.

You formed a people to be your own . . . Not because of their own merit or greatness, But because of your love for them.

Your arm reached out to them, rescuing them from the power that enslaved them. With outstretched arm you made a path through the waters of the sea, Leading them into the freedom of new life, Inviting them into covenant relationship with you at Sinai, Holding fast to that covenant in spite of their infidelity, Ultimately reaching out to them in the gift of your own Son, Your WORD made flesh, who made your name known . . . Who formed a new people embracing all . . . Reaching out to them with healing and forgiveness With outstretched arms nailed to a cross Winning them victory over the power of death that enslaved them.

O Lord, We wait, we long for the full realization of the freedom And the salvation you have won for us. Come, Lord, stretch out your arm . . . Take our hand . . . and lead us along the way . . .

Sister Anne Elizabeth Sweet, OCSO