In the Old Testament, the prophet Isaiah speaks of the Master of the king’s palace as the one who has the key to the House—or kingdom--of David. It is he who determined who can have access to the king and who may not. Isaiah tells of one master, Shebna, who lost his position because of his infidelity (Isa 22:15-25). The key to David’s House was then given to another man, Eliakim, who would be faithful. In the book of Revelation, the Risen Jesus presents himself as the Holy One, the Faithful One, who holds the key of David, the key to the kingdom of heaven. It is he who has opened the doors of the Kingdom of God for all. In this Advent season, let us pray that we will not hold ourselves back, but go in through the door he has opened for us.

O Key of David,

O Holy One, O True One

You have the keys to God's kingdom, You have opened the door for all, the door to the mystery of God's love and forgiveness.

You have shattered the locks of all that can imprison us, And envelop us in darkness and death.

What you open, in revelation, through grace and healing, No one can close. What you close, things of the past, sins of the past, No one can open.

You have opened the door to a new life. You invite us: "Come in, forget the things of the past. I have made all things new."

Yet, we are the ones who think about the past and Hold on to the past.

Help us to hear your Word, to let go, To go through the door you have opened for us, The door to freedom, the door to life, The door to the kingdom of God.

Come, do not delay.

S. Anne Elizabeth Sweet, OCSO