Welcome to retreat at Tautra Mariakloster!

Retreat is a time of love,
a time for the heart,
when restlessness and demands are let go.
Retreat is a chance
to listen
to the voice of your heart, or to silence,
and there discover
the presence of God.

A monastery is a place of retreat from hectic, daily life, a place for silence, meditation and the opportunity to seek the Truth. We receive guests whether or not they belong to a faith community. As nuns, our life is dedicated to God in prayer and silence, and we ask our guests to respect this atmosphere while they are here. Practically, this means we avoid unnecessary chatting, and ask that it be quiet in the guesthouse from 8.30 p.m. until 4.00 a.m. the next morning, when those who are coming to Vigils get up. We are considerate of others who rest after the midday meal, and during the Great Silence which is from Compline at 7.30 p.m. until after Mass at 8.10 the next day.

Guests are welcome to participate in our prayer services (Liturgy of the Hours) and Mass in the church as they wish. Our Catholic Mass is open to all, but until the day the churches are again reunited, only Catholics may receive Communion. Others are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing from the priest. This is indicated by placing your right hand on your left shoulder.

In order to give yourself the chance to disengage from your usual routine at home and work, and to protect the silence for the others in the house, we ask that you not use your mobile phone while you are here, and that you let your family and friends know you will not be available. In an emergency, your family can call the monastery and leave a message.

The guest sister is responsible for contact between you and the monastery, and will try to meet any special needs you may have.

The monastery has one guest house for women and one for men. The guests eat their dinner in silence in the guest refectory in the monastery, unless you give notice that you are not coming to dinner. Guests make their own breakfast and supper in the kitchen of the guest house. The monastery supplies all food, bed linens and towels for your stay. If you’re able, we ask a contribution to the upholding of the monastery and the guest facilities, but we do - within reasonable limits - want to receive you if you need some time to seek God! We suggest 200 kroner per night, plus 200 kroner for all 3 meals. Student rate: 100 kroner per night plus 100 kroner for all 3 meals. If you would like to pay by faktura, please let us know at least 24 hours before you leave so the bookkeeper can print this out for you.

Since we take only a few guests at a time, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible if there is a change in your plans. Let us know when you will be arriving, and whether you will be eating the noon meal with us the first day.

We do not receive visitors staying only one night. For overnighting we suggest Klostergården tel+47 74 80 85 33. This is a wonderful bed and breakfast near the ruins, a 20 minute walk from the monastery.

Our guesthouse is closed from December 22, through January.

For a calendar of young adult retreats see

By train: The local train goes from Værnes to Åsen. On weekdays the train leaves Værnes for Åsen at 15 minutes before each hour, and arrives at Åsen at 15 minutes after the hour. It is about 30 km from Åsen to Tautra, so you mustorder a taxi which will bring you to the monastery for busfare. For the current information on ordering a taxi click here.

By car: from Trondheim, take E-6 north. About 20 minutes after Stjørdal you will see the Åsen church on your left. Turn left after the Esso station onto Route 753 to Frosta. Continue on 753 until you see the sign for Tautra, and turn right to the causeway. Once on the island, turn left and follow the signs to Mariaklosteret. From Levanger, take E-6 south. In about 20 minutes you come to Åsen. Drive through the little town and turn right onto Route 753 toward Frosta just before the Esso station. Continue on 753 until you see the sign for Tautra, and turn right to the causeway. Once on the island, turn left and follow the signs to Mariaklosteret.

Have a good trip!